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Find the products you need, at the best price, or better both in price and quality that this currently buying.
Integrals of export projects
The project starting from the minimum requirements to be developed containing the product to be able to be exported, to find customers interested until the end of the negotiation with the end customer.
Individual agendas of business
An agenda is developed with customers or specific potential suppliers, based on the specifications chosen, supporting both translation and advice to close businesses that are taken into the door.
Quality inspections
Verified at origin the merchandise that is being acquired to comply with the specifications requested by the customer until is settled it.
Supplier audits
It is periodically reviewed that the supplier with which it is working, complies with the parameters set out at the beginning of the work, to its infrastructure and quality do not vary at the expense of the importer.
Technology transfer agreements
On the basis of forms of labour in manufacturing or different programs, agreements based on international principles which enable to protect the parties involved are made.
Management of integrated logistics Door to Door
It handles the import and export of goods from the purchase of the same to the delivery at the address of the final destination.
Legal advice
Comprises both legal defense in all instances of procedures of alleged undervaluation of goods, suspension of the register of importers, administrative procedures in customs matters (PAMA) or reviewing documents of foreign trade, among other topics, as well as the consulting necessary to comply with all the legal rules applicable to the import or export of each commodity.
Tax planning
Develop the best tax alternatives in order to comply fully with the tax rules, without paying more to foreign trade-related.
Customs planning
Look for the best legal and logistical schemes that allow to have better controls, to effect of reducing time and costs in the import or export of goods.
To undertake revisions to the foreign trade operations to effect check that documents that are counted are in order, while confirming that taxes paid are correct, to effect in your case request the corresponding returns.
Foreign trade outsourcing
Realization of import and/or export of goods by means of a different customer company.
Import policy
Legally protects its imports for the case that will provoke disputes with the Customs authorities.
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