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Foreign trade outsourcing

Viar is a specialist company that facilitates the operations of foreign trade, supporting companies so order to deliver an invoice for the total amount of the operation carried out, i.e., value of goods, freight, insurance, permits needed, taxes, more the service fees, which are generated by each operation, which avoids incurring errors by omissions before the customs authorityas well as eliminating staff costs and to allocate the resources of the company for other purposes that generate greater resources.

This division has two primary purposes:

  1. Reduce costs.- At the time that a team that is independent of the company works for this as if it were part of its structure, making all import and export operations, as well as the necessary procedures before the different government agencies.

  2. Eliminate problems with the Customs authorities.- Under this scheme who will resolve any situation that arises with the customs authority for foreign trade operations will be the Outsourcing Company, who assumes the legal costs that such situations might present.


Import Protection

For a small fee to have the protection of a group of lawyers where customs or fiscal authority reach determine you the start of any administrative procedure in customs matters, suspension of the register of importers or any tax credit resulting from the importation of goods, without any additional cost, i.e. defending it without regard to the amount that is required by the authority.


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