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Fairs, Exhibitions or Shows

Part of our experience in the international market, arises from the release of Mexican companies to the global market, supporting them to participate in events such as global and/or regional fairs, exhibitions or shows, that support the promotion of their product.

Above, has been conducted in the following ways:

1.- Direct: The process of participation in the fair, exhibition or global exhibition and / or regional is developed from renting a booth to participate in the event, with the option to send the staff of your company that will be operating all day event, coordinating the logistics payments abroad, among many others, achieving personal attention to your business first and then your potential customers.

2.- Indirect:When is not of your  interest to participate or attend an event to gather information on their potential suppliers, our staff is located around the world and they can attend the event to gather information of your interest and thus achieve their goals without leaving the country.

It is worth mentioning that events have periods of presentation, so it is important to consult availabilities.
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